Blogging While Watching LOST: The End

by Christina Gleason on May 23, 2010

Oceanic… the ground crew. This must be Christian’s body. There’s no zoom sound to differentiate from Jack in L.A. or Jack on the island. Ben in L.A. and Ben on the island. Locke getting wheeled into surgery in L.A., or Smokey Locke on the island. Sawyer the cop and Sawyer on the island… with Kate.

Oceanic delivery guy in a blue jumpsuit. Desmond signs for Christian’s body.

“You a priest or something?”
“Or something.”
I suppose he was studying at the monastery for a while.

Desmond and Kate in a car. “Christian Shephard? Seriously?” Nice, Kate. It’s what we were all thinking. It’s like they were beating us over the head with the symbolism.

Desmond gets all philosophical with Kate about why she’s here. Not just why she’s here.

The island.

Kate in the jungle, spying on Jack, who is knee deep in the stream. Sawyer is there, too. Sawyer’s wondering what the hell happened up here.

“That makes two of us.”

Jack’s the new Jacob, but he doesn’t feel very different. Sawyer told him to come down off the mountaintop and tell them what the burning bush said. Nice and Biblical. Jack tells them about the heart of the island, what they’re supposed to protect. Hurley mentions that Jacob is worse than Yoda about telling people things.

They’re going to split up. Jack and Hurley are headed toward the heart of the island. Sawyer is headed to “free the magic leprechaun” (aka Desmond) from the well. Ha! Hurley comes out with the Star Wars line: “I’ve got a bad feeling about this.” Thank you, Hurley. I literally laughed out loud there.

In L.A.

Hurley’s yellow Hummer pulls into a motel parking lot with Sayid, hands him a tranquilizer gun. It’s not jogging Sayid’s memory. Hurley tells Sayid it’s his choice whether he stays or leaves.

Charlie is in the motel room, all dolled up in rockstar fashion and drinking liquor straight from the bottle. Hurley tries to convince him that he has to go to the concert tonight, because it may be the most important thing he’s ever done. Charlie isn’t interested, so Hurley shoots him with the tranquilizer dart! DUDE!

The island.

Jack tells Kate that he took the job because the island is all he has left, because he’s screwed everything else up. Kate says he hasn’t, that nothing is irreversible. Jack said that to Locke in L.A. Hurley said this would be sweet if they weren’t all about to die.

Ben sneaks up on Sawyer.

Sawyer: “We’re not candidates anymore.” Elbows Ben in the face, takes his gun. Locke tells Ben he’s welcome to join him on his boat after he sinks the island.

Vincent! Rose and Bernard had Desmond convalescing on their “front porch.” They’re getting him some breakfast. Rose has no idea how long they’ve been living there. They built the place in ’75, then the sky lit up again, so she doesn’t know when the hell they are.

They broke a rule with him, not to get involved.

Too late. There’s Locke, and Ben. Locke draws a knife, threatens to kill Rose and Bernard in front of him if he doesn’t go with him. Rose says he doesn’t have to go with him. Locke says he’ll make it hurt. Desmond says if he goes, Locke won’t touch them – ever.

Desmond doesn’t know where Locke is taking him, but he assumes it will be a place where there’s a very bright light. Ben checks his pocket. It’s a walkie talkie. Miles was trying to reach him. He found Richard Alpert. Richard is alive! Richard still wants to blow up the plane on Hydra Island.

In L.A.

Miles sees Sayid in Hurley’s Hummer. Miles is at his father’s benefit concert. Called Sawyer to tell him about Sayid.

Jin is with Sun in the hospital. A doctor is coming to look at the baby. If everything checks out, they can leave. It’s Juliet! That’s right! Her specialty was babies! Is this where Sun is going to remember the island, since Juliet checked her out in the medical station? YES! I was right! She’s remembering! And Jin remembers, too! When he came back on the raft… And Ji Yeon… And the freighter. They remember! They remember! Go ahead and cry, Sun. I’m crying, too.

“It’s a girl,” Sun says.
“It’s Ji Yeon,” Jin says.
“And for the record, you two speak English just fine.”

The issland.

Sawyer running through the jungle with the gun. Runs into the other three, tells them that Locke has Desmond. Jack says it doesn’t matter, because they’re all going to the same place anyways. Sawyer wants to know what happens then. “Then it ends.”

In L.A.

Jack is talking to Locke before the surgery. He’s confident that the surgery will work. “There’s always the chance that I will kill you, but I’m trying to make you feel better… See you on the other side.” Huh. Locke wishes him peace in having found his father’s body. Jack says that fixing Locke will give him all the peace he needs.

The island.

Miles tells Richard, “Welcome to the club. Looks like you have your first gray hair.” Richard smiles, just realized that he wants to live. “Good timing,” says Miles.

They’re in the outrigger. The wreckage from the submarine… YES! FRANK FREAKING LAPIDUS IS STILL ALIVE! I just threw my hands in the air and cheered.

Frank suggests leaving in the plane so that Smokey can’t have it. You know, instead of destroying the plane. “In case you haven’t noticed, I’m a pilot.” I love you, Frank.

Jack and friends meet Locke and friends. Kate tries to shoot Locke, but it does nothing except make Ben and Desmond hit the ground.

“So it’s you.” Locke says he thought he’d be more surprised about who Jacob chose. Jack says he wasn’t chosen, he volunteered. Jack knows that Locke wants to destroy the island, but Jack says he’s going to kill him instead. How? “That’s a surprise.”

In L.A.

Jack and Juliet… Tickets for the concert. Juliet IS David’s mom! Sweet! Maybe David could go with Aunt Claire. Jack tells Juliet, “I think you’ll love her. She’s extremely pregnant.” Sawyer passes Juliet in the elevator.

The island.

Sawyer asks Jack what the surprise is going to be. Jack tells him it’s Desmond. He just doesn’t know how. He thinks Desmond was brought to the island as a weapon. “That’s a hell of a long con, Doc.”

Locke says it will be “just the three of us from now on.” Him, Jack, and Desmond. Hurley tells Jack, “I believe in you, dude.”

They’re in the bamboo forest. Locke  says it’s going to be a bad one. (Storm, I assume?) There’s the cave with the light. And the red flowers. Red flowers are always bad. Desmond says that none of this matters, because when Jack lowers him into the light, he’s going to go to another place where the plane never crashed, and he’s going to try to bring him there, too. Desmond knows. He remembers both realities. Jack doesn’t believe him, says he tried that already. Of course this all matters.

And there they are in the cave with the light.

In L.A.

Sayid asks Hurley what they’re doing here. Hurley’s not allowed to tell him. There are rules. Whose rules? Hurley wants Sayid to trust him. “I think you’re a good guy, Sayid. I know a lot of people may tell you you’re not…” But you can’t let people tell you are.

Alley fight. “Leave my brother alone!” It’s Shannon and Boone! They remember each other! Boone was in on it, said he took a pounding, thanks for taking his sweet time. LOL. “Let’s give ‘em a minute.” NICE.

The island.

Miles and Ben finally make radio contact. Oops… There’s Claire with a gun. She’s shooting at Frank, Miles, and Richard. Richard tries to talk her down. She won’t go with them, but she also doesn’t shoot them.

Desmond, Locke, and Jack are staring over the waterfall toward the light. Desmond is going to be lowered down and head for where the light is brightest. Jack and Locke are lowering him down together. “This remind you of anything, Jack?” Just like old times, with Desmond in a hole in the ground. All they’re missing is a button. Jack says it turns out that Locke was right about everything; he just wishes he had told him that when he was alive. Smokey Locke says that Locke was wrong about everything, and he’ll see when the island ends up at the bottom of the ocean. Jack is content to wait and see who’s right.

In L.A.

The velvet ropes at the concert. Juliet is in line with David and Claire, but gets a phone call from the hospital.

Charlotte tries to wake up Charlie. She’s just following instructions. He has a note on him. “Bass player. Wake me up for show.” Ha!

DANIEL! Looking awesome, as always. Daniel Widmore introduces himself to Charlotte. He’s playing piano for the concert tonight, accompanied by Drive Shaft.

David, Claire, Kate, and Desmond are sitting at Table 23. Dr. Pierre Chang does the introductions for the benefit concert. Let’s see how this whole thing works out, with the rock band accompanying Daniel’s piano music.

Charlie sees Claire in the audience… Claire looks uncomfortable. But their eyes meet… and she has a contraction. Tells David she’s going to go to the bathroom. Kate goes after her.

The island.

Desmond is below ground. There are skeletons. A pool with a column of light. There’s a round stone in the center. Smokey-like noises as Desmond wades into the water. He hugs the stone in the center and lifts it up. Now it sounds like when the frozen donkey wheel was turned. Is the water rising? The light… it went out. Darkness… Then red light. Hellfire?

Desmond screams, “NO!”

Locke says, “Looks like you were wrong. Goodbye, Jack.”

Locke emerges. The ground stops shaking. Jack jumps him from behind, punches him. His lip bleeds. “Looks like you were wrong, too.” But Jack is the one who ends up unconscious on the floor.

In L.A.

Claire wants to know where the bathroom is. Kate catches up, tells some guy to find a doctor.

Eloise thought she made it clear to Desmond that he was to stop this. Desmond said she was clear, but he chose to ignore her. And once he gets everyone to remember, they’re going to leave. But he’s not taking Daniel with him. Eloise looks relieved.

Backstage, Kate is trying to help Claire deliver her baby. Charlie left the stage, and he’s getting water and blankets. And Kate is remembering when she delivered Aaron on the island. I don’t think Claire has remembered yet, though. Or did she? They’re crying. I’m crying.

Charlie brought a blanket. Kate tells him to bring it to her. He couldn’t find any water. When he takes her hand, he remembers. They both remember. “Charlie,” she says. “Claire.” They kiss. YES! And Aaron screams.

There’s Desmond. Happy to have brought them together. To Kate: “Do you understand?” “So now what?” I think Sawyer’s their next stop now that Kate has awakened.

The island.

The ground it shaking. My husband: “I hate to say it, but that’s some Star Trek effects right there.” Ben is on the ground. Trapped? Jack fell, but he’s back looking for Desmond. No answer.

Kate, Sawyer, and Hurley are trying to get the tree off of Ben. It’s too heavy. Sawyer says Locke was right. The island’s going down. Miles tells Kate that Frank is working on the plane, then they’re taking off. But he still has to check the electrical and the hydraulics. They’re leaving in an hour. Ben knows how they can get there. Locke has a boat. Desmond’s boat?

Locke is standing at the top of the cliff, looking out over the water at the boat. It is POURING rain.

“Locke!” Jack growls.

Locke grabs the knife at his belt. Jack has the higher ground. They run at each other. No, they charge each other. Jack leaps through the air at Locke like he’s in a martial arts movie…

And we cut to commercial. Grr.

Right back to the fight! Where did Jack learn to brawl? Earthquake. Chunks of rock fall off the cliff. As Jack tries to choke Locke, Locke stabs him in the gut. Now he’s trying to stab his throat.

“I want you to know, Jack, that you died for nothing.”

Gunshot. KATE! “I saved you a bullet!” YEAH!

Locke: “You’re too late.”

Jack kicks him over the edge. It’s a fall not unlike when Cooper pushed the real Locke out the window. He looks dead on the rocks.

In L.A.

Post-op. The nurse congratulates Dr. Shephard on a surgery well done. Locke wakes up too early, considering the amount of anesthesia he had.

“It worked.” Like Juliet’s line in the season opener. Then he wiggles his toe. And now he remembers his life on the island.

“Did you see that?”
“See what?”
“You don’t remember.”

Locke wants Jack to come with him. Locke tries to tell him he doesn’t have a son. Jack tells the nurse to give Locke a sedative. Locke hopes that somebody does for Jack what Jack just did for him. But for Jack… does he really want to “wake up” if it means not having David?

The storm is over. It’s light out again. Kate is cradling Jack in her arms. He makes a quip about finding him some thread.

“Locke’s dead,” Kate says. “It’s over.” Except the ground is still shaking.

In L.A.

Sawyer has come to see Sun and Jin. They’re smiling. “Hello… Detective,” Jin says with a grin on his face. “We’ll see you there,” he adds, cryptically. “See you where?” Good question, Sawyer.

The island.

Frank is trying to get the plane moving, wants to know if either Richard or Miles is mechanical. Miles seems to be their best bet. Ben radioes in, and Frank throws the radio and says not to bother him.

Jack is going to try to turn on whatever Desmond turned off. Tells Kate and the others to get on the boat and get over to Frank and the others on the plane. Jack and Sawyer shake hands. Huh. Ben throws Sawyer the walkie, tells him if the island’s going down, he’s going with it. Hurley is staying with Jack. Kate is going to go and try to get Claire on the plane. “Tell me I’m going to see you again.” They kiss. Hey, not in front of Sawyer! “I love you,” she says. He says it back. That’s going to make for an awkward boat ride with Sawyer.

Miles is fixing the plane with duct tape. “I don’t believe in a lot of things, but I do believe in duct tape.” Ha! Sawyer tells Richard not to leave without them. Kate and Sawyer jump into the water and head for the boat.

In L.A.

Sawyer asks Jack where he can get some grub around here. Jack points him toward the cafeteria or the vending machine. “Thanks, doc.” Seems to have a moment of deja vu. Sawyer’s Apollo Bar gets stuck, just like Jack’s did when Jacob touched him. Juliet to the rescue,, telling him to unplug the machine and plug it back in. The candy bar will drop right out, and it’s perfectly legal. The lights go out, she hands him the candy bar… and they remember. This one was intensely emotional. Juliet is crying.

“I gotcha.”
“Kiss me, James.”
“You got it, blondie.”

I really liked Kate and Sawyer together… but I’ll accept this. This was a great reunion.

Jack shows up for the end of the concert. It’s all over. People are leaving.

“It’s over,” Kate says. “You looking for someone?” he explains about his son. Kate just looks at him wistfully.

“I’m sorry. Where do I remember you from?”
“I stole your pen… Oceanic Flight 815, remember? Coming out of the bathroom, I stole your pen.”
“That’s how I know you?”
“No, that’s not how I know you..”

She walks toward him, puts her hands on his face. “I’ve missed you so much.”
“What is happening to me? Who are you?”

Kat wants Jack to come with her, and then he’ll know.

The island.

Hurley is helping the injured Jack back to the cave with no light in it. The ground shakes.

“How we getting down there?”
“We’re not. I’m going alone.”

Hurley hits on the fact that this is a suicide mission. Says he’s not going to let him die. Jack says he’s already dying. Hurley says he’s not supposed to die because the island needs him. Jack is going to pass the torch to Hurley. He only became the protector so he could do this. Hurley says he’ll take it, but it’s only temporary until the light comes back, then he’s giving the job back to Jack.

Ben has a dirty Oceanic water bottle. Jack puts some dirty stream water into it, and Hurley drinks it.

“Is that it?”
“Now you’re like me.”

I was totally going to do a blog post about how I thought Jack might die and pass the protectorship to Hurley… I didn’t do it because I’ve been in a bad place emotionally. Now I wish I had. I’d look like a genius.

Frank gets the engine running on the plane.

Hurley is lowering Jack down. There’s Desmond, lying prone. He’s still alive. He put out the light, it didn’t work. He thought he’d leave this place. He’s still here. Jack was right. There’s a first time for everything. Desmond knows that the person who puts the stone back will be killed. Desmond has done enough. He should go home to his wife and child. “See you in another life, brother.”

Sawyer and Kate are on Hydra Island, watching mountains on the other island fall into the ocean. Claire is sitting on the beach. The plane is moving. Claire won’t leave because the island has made her crazy, and she doesn’t want Aaron to see her like this. She doesn’t even remember how to be a mother anymore. Kate says she’ll help her.

Miles closes the door to the plane. Richard straps in. There’s Sawyer, Claire, and Kate. “We’ve got some late arrivals, open the door!” Phew!

Meanwhile, underground. Jack with a stab wound tries to lift the stone column back into the steaming red hole.

Everybody’s on the plane.

“Way to wait until the last second, chief,” Miles tells Sawyer.

Here they go! Everyone gets to sit in first class. They’re running out of runway. LIFTOFF! He did it! “Amen,” says Frank. But can they really escape the island vortex?

Jack is on the ground. Puts his hand in the water. The red light becomes yellow again. He did it. Ben and Hurley watch in amazement, try to pull him back up. Jack is laughing and crying at the same time. Hurley is shocked to see Desmond at the end of the rope, screams down to Jack.

In L.A.

Locke gets out of a taxi. Into his wheelchair. He finds Ben in front of a church.

“Is everyone already inside?”
“I believe most of them are. Yes.”

Ben says he’s sorry for everything he did. He was selfish, jealous. Because Locke was special, but he wasn’t.

“If it helps, Ben, I forgive you.”
“Thank you, John. It does help. It matters more than I can say.”

Ben has some things to work out. He’s going to stay here a while. Tells Locke he doesn’t need that chair anymore. Locke gets up and walks. “Bye, Ben.”

Is this the church where the Oceanic Six met up with Eloise Hawking to get back to the island?

The island.

Ben is caring for Desmond. Hurley keeps staring into the cave. “Jack’s gone. Isn’t he.” It wasn’t a question.

“He did his job, Hugo.”
“It’s my job now. What am I supposed to do?”

Ben tells him to do what he does best – help people. He could help people get home. Hurley says people can’t leave the island. Ben says that that’s how Jacob ran things, but maybe there’s another way. A better way. Hurley asks Ben to help him. Ben accepts.

In L.A.

Hurley tries to get Ben to come inside. “I don’t think I’m coming in.”
“You know, you were a great #2.”
“And you were a great #1, Hugo.”

They remember the part we haven’t even seen yet.

Jack and Kate arrive. It’s the church where Jack was going to have his father’s funeral. He doesn’t know why Kate brought him here. “Because this is where you were going to have your father’s funeral.” Tells him to go around back. She’s going to go inside. He can come in when he’s ready to leave. I don’t know if he’s going to want to leave, not with David there.

The island.

Jack is all bloody, on some rocks in the stream.

In L.A.

Inside the church. Jack heads in and finds his father’s coffin. The stained glass window implies that this is a church for all faiths. Jack lays his hand on the pine box… and he remembers. But… the coffin is empty.

“Hey, kiddo.” It’s Christian?
“Hello, Jack.”
“I don’t understand. You died.”
“Yeah. Yes I did.”
“Then how are you here right now?”
“How are you here?”
“I died, too.”
“It’s okay. It’s okay, son.”

They embrace.

“I love you, dad.”
“I love you too, son.”
“Are you real?”
“I sure hope so.”

Everyone is real. Everything that happened to him is real. They’re all dead… Everyone dies, sometime. Some before him, some long after him. There is no now, here.

“Where are we, dad?”
“This is the place that you all made together so you could find one another. The most important part of your life was the time that you spent with these people. That’s why you are here. No one does it alone, Jack. You needed all of them, and they needed you.”
“For what?”
“To remember. And to let go.”
“Kate. She said we were leaving.”
“No. Moving on.”
“Where are we going?”
“Let’s go find out.”

Everyone is together.

On the island, Jack trudges through the jungle.

In the churhc, Jack hugs everyone. Penny and Desmond. Boone.

On the island, Jack stumbles past the white tennis shoe. It’s like the end of Gladiator, when Russell Crowe walks through the wheat field as he dies. There’s Vincent. Vincent lies down with him at the end.

In the church, Christian opens the doors to a bright white light. They all marvel at it, smiling.

And on the island, Jack watches the plane fly overhead before he dies.

His eye closes, and it’s over.

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