Blogging While Watching LOST: The End

by Christina Gleason on May 23, 2010

Oceanic… the ground crew. This must be Christian’s body. There’s no zoom sound to differentiate from Jack in L.A. or Jack on the island. Ben in L.A. and Ben on the island. Locke getting wheeled into surgery in L.A., or Smokey Locke on the island. Sawyer the cop and Sawyer on the island… with Kate.

Oceanic delivery guy in a blue jumpsuit. Desmond signs for Christian’s body.

“You a priest or something?”
“Or something.”
I suppose he was studying at the monastery for a while.

Desmond and Kate in a car. “Christian Shephard? Seriously?” Nice, Kate. It’s what we were all thinking. It’s like they were beating us over the head with the symbolism.

Desmond gets all philosophical with Kate about why she’s here. Not just why she’s here.

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Blogging While Watching LOST: The Final Journey

by Christina Gleason on May 23, 2010

The clip show begins. We’re going back to the beginning. Oh cool, the actors are talking about their auditions. Naveen Andrews has the cutest British accent! None of them really knew what to expect when they auditioned, but they were blown away by the pilot episode. The part where Kate, Jack, and Charlie went to find the cockpit was the first thing they filmed.

They didn’t just find actors to fill in the roles, they cast people they wanted to work with, who had good chemistry both on and off screen.

LOST is, at its heart and soul, a character study.” – Damon Lindelof. We do so love these characters.

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Blogging While Watching LOST: The Pilot – Redux

May 22, 2010

Here’s the enhanced Pilot episode. Let’s see what the commentary has to say before tomorrow night’s series finally. Jack wakes up in the bamboo field, just over the ridge from the heart of the island with the Light that must never go out. Only the protector of the island – once Jacob, now Jack – […]

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Blogging While Watching LOST: What They Died For

May 18, 2010

Jack’s eye. In L.A. He’s got quite a spot of blood on his neck. David “made breakfast” by opening a box of cereal. He has a concert tonight. Mom’s coming, too. We’re finally going to see who his mom is! Good morning, Claire. It’s good to see her not crazy again. Oceanic found Christian’s coffin. […]

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Top 10 Love Scenes on LOST Video

May 17, 2010

Have you seen this great video compilation of the top 10 love scenes on LOST? I think Kate & Sawyer’s “jungle love” moment should have been higher… but I totally agree with the number one choice. Is your favorite love scene on here? There is one missing that I can think of… Jin and Sun […]

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Blogging While Watching LOST: Across the Sea

May 11, 2010

Wreckage in the water. Um… random woman arrives on the island? Pregnant. VERY pregnant. Are we about to see Jacob and the Man in Black being born? Who is this woman who appeared to her and offered help? The pregnant woman is Claudia. The other woman is alone, arrived on the island “by accident.” Every […]

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Which LOST Characters Died Last Night?

May 5, 2010

Last night’s episode of LOST, “The Candidate,” had a heavy death toll… and it wasn’t just the redshirts from Widmore’s team. Unless there was some sort of miracle:

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Blogging While Watching LOST: The Candidate

May 4, 2010

John Locke. In the hospital. Jack says, “Welcome back.” “I know you.” They were on the same flight. At baggage claim. Jack just did surgery. He wants to know how Locke got his spinal injury. “I think you’re a candidate.” For a new type of surgery. Jack thinks he could fix him. Locke says, “No, […]

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Blogging While Watching LOST: The Last Recruit

April 20, 2010

Hey, hey… the gang’s all here. Except for Jin and Desmond, of course. Locke says that he and Jack have some catching up to do. Hurley gives Jack a gun so they can go “catch up.” Locke plants a torch in the ground. “You look just like him… What bothers me is that I don’t […]

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Lost Promo Video for The Last Recruit

April 14, 2010

Did you catch the promo for next week’s episode, “The Last Recruit?” What I can’t tell… Does it use the original vocals by Gene Wilder, or did Michael Emerson (Ben) record that? Because their voices sound eerily alike to me! If you know for sure, please fill me in!

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